Tuesday, January 4, 2011

When to stock-up and how to special order!


  1. I note you have great shopping ideas for personal hygiene items, like deodorant, and dental floss, not to mention toothpaste. Now, I have spoken to a colleague about this, @DirtyGarnet a famous editor.

    Ruthy, I must say that at the first moment, his eyes lit up with such glee, he was much impressed that I'd found a genuine bargain hunter. As I continued into my diatribe, however, and got to deodorant and toothpaste, his expression changed entirely.

    Being a man of considerable hygiene he'd recently underwent a painful editing process with one of his writers, who suffers greatly from halitosis.

    I could tell though, it wasn't this recent bad breath episode that concerned him, as much as the Great Editor actually thought I was insinuating that he might need these products in great quantity, especially the deodorant, which was not the case, he being of such high standards himself.

    Now, I don't know if it was bad timing, or just my asking for a raise, but I was thrown out of his office, as he muttered something about where I could find my raise.

    I tried to explain to @DirtyGarnet on Twitter that this was all a big misunderstanding, and that I should be given another chance, that he has actually, in my opinion, quite wonderful breath.

    Alas, he would not listen, and I have to ask you, humbly, hat in hand for you to intercede upon my behalf, and ask the Great Editor if he would pls give me my job back. If not, I shall have to work in your employ as a coupon cutter, which is probably much more suited to my lifestyle and temperament anyhow.

    No Dental Floss was harmed in the posting of this comment.

    P.S. When I told the Great Editor that you have a gazillion followers, he almost relented, but thought better of it, and threw me out anyway.

    Please Help Me. I tweet at @Samuel_Clemons

  2. Haaa I love it! Anyone on twitter should follow @Samuel_Clemons he will make your day :)