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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hi everyone!

Going into my 2nd week of couponing and it is so close to the New Year that I figure I will just start to calculate my savings from Jan 1st- Jan 1st.

Here are some helps for all of you newbies and old pros at extreme couponing..

Learning who everyone is out there in the world of couponing so please drop me a line or a note in the comments and take the time to go through this entire blog and bear with me as I learn more and more about all this couponing.

a site you can check out ----> a

Stockpile first and then coupon. that is my thought as otherwise we tend to want to just buy buy buy because the couponing seems so exciting!

I noticed on the front of the Henry Fields catalog that just came in today that you get $25 off if you spend $25 so if you are a into growing stuff this is a great deal! Thank you please tell them Ruthie Appleby sent you... not getting any commissions just like to wave a hand and say hello :)

Weight Watchers! Got in the mail today a flyer for their Point Plus system and a free to join coupon.. so all of us who are trying to take a few pounds off may want to check this one out. I have worked for Weight Watchers in payroll before when I was in my early 20's and I know there system works. Go to

Some of the best deals I have seen of late are in the Dollar General and Family Dollar here in Wolccott, New York it's about stockpiling so we may find a great coupon for say $1.00 off Jergen's hand soap... but I know I can get it for a $1.00 at the DollarTree in Clay, New York everyday of the week so remember it's about that bottomline figure always.

I am thinking about going to Bob's Big M Grocery Store in Wolcott, I found with the Big M's some are more like convenience stores and some are really decked out.. This one doubles my coupons so I am going there up to $1.00 may I add. The Price Chopper in Clay, New York also doubles your coupons and they have a advantage card that you can use for gas off... as well as say you can purchase gift cards that will come off your gas too.. double check just in case. I know that the gas station in front of Wegman's takes the gas card for the Price Chopper in Clay, New York.

The Big M in Seneca Knolls has coupon books too Big M Syracuse, New york off of route 48 in the front that are from manufacters for anyone that is in that area as well ... If you are a crystal light drinker.. I believe the coupon is 1.00 off for two.

Check out ebay... people are selling coupons ... sometimes it is cheaper than local paper. say you buy 500 coupons for a buck with free shipping.

And of course ...all the after christmas deals if this is your first year living luxurious... and not being a "FULL PRICE LOSER" BUYER... just kidding...just a little rap I heard this week... buy all the extra stuff you will need for next year's christmas. Take advantage next year and live in the Coupon Stock Market with the rest of us rich couponers living on Monopoly money of coupons...knowing heee...heee. that coupons are money...just all different colors and people are willing to give them to you.. and throw away their money to the curb every week ...while sneaky couponers sneak out in the night gathering all those old recycables..hmmm..heard that this week too.. Don't worry I won't be in your dumpsters..but hey what if your neighborhood threw away $50 bills all day... you can at least knock and say...can I have your old paper?
Anyway... live Luxurious in the new year in your new Monopoly (coupon money)

share this blog with everyone you know who could use a buck...and not from a goat but ...that needs to get outta debt or just wants to not give all their money away.

Grocery Shopping on a Budget : Using Containers for Frugal Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping on a Budget : Buying in Bulk for Frugal Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping on a Budget : Using Rebates for Frugal Grocery Shopping

SavvyDollar - How to Save a Bundle with Coupons and Rebates


ppparties 1K Challenge Savings & Coupon Tips


WagsQs 0001

Coupon Queen


Refundle Bundle Magazine With Susan Samtur, The Coupon Queen Part 1

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Extreme couponing

Extreme Couponing

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Combining Coupons & Sales for the Best Home Spa Deals

Coupon Master Class

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hip2Save Video Contest for YouTube.wmv

Follow Me Mon Wk1A

How to Recognize a Coupon Girl

Check out for the Ultimate Coupon Database!!!!

Perry Mason: The Case of Mr. Coupon-Man (2/5)

Coupon Sense will Save YOU Money!

See How it Works - Coupon Sense - So Easy - Free Candy Edition!

See How it Works - Coupon Sense

Understanding the Coupon Codes - Coupon Sense Jennifer Clarke - Coupon Sense,

Red Plum Coupons: What Did You Do To Valassis Red Plum?

How To Maximize Coupon Use

Coupons Save Money

WITN - Grocery Shopping Secrets Part 4

Tips for Economic Grocery Shopping

How to Slash Your Grocery Bill in 10 Steps: Part I


okay... here are today's tips...
I strongly suggest if you are serious about couponing to go through this entire blog as well as my blot , Now I am just getting started and anyone that knows me well knows that more than likely I will have mastered this art of couponing and becoming the CEO of my household by the end of this keep listening and let me do the research you just follow the blog and read and get your friends to are gonna get addicted. this coupon stuff...once you realize it is free money... okay...
What is better than the dollar store ... FREE

Free from Dove... go to
Free training...yup, right here and get your ladies and church girls involved...
Make money? selling YOUR OLD COUPONS ON have to check on the details but I know people are selling on ebay because you can example get 500 coupons for 1.00 cheaper than theSunday News paper

OKay... more helps go to facebook and follow me SweetMomCoupon  read my profile and hook up with the other couponers, freebies, and rebate people.

Printable coupons...YES THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! Take your grocery list and go to each product and get a free printable coupon many companies are doing it!

Why not invite these coupon diva's to talk on your facebook or twitter stream with you... Have a online party and invite all your friends to talk to them example say a monday nite at 9 pm est ... (INVITE ME...or ask me what I know...I will share! )

go to type in say soup... all soup companies come up ...look to see who is giving out free online coupons!

Get Americans couponing.. go to the ladies groups, networking groups, etc.. ask them to  come to my site or make a site of your own you can get a free blog on blogger put your contact info here and let everyone follow your blog...we can all do more together than apart.

Contact the local businesses and tell them you are teaching a coupon class and ask them for coupons for their businesses...Teach the people in your area to coupon.

Get some business cards made and say HEY I WILL EXCHANGE COUPONS (OR GIVE ME FREE MONEY ... YOUR COUPONS PLEASE>>> send them to me...I will take free money ...haaa for real no Haa about it.. so I hope this gets those wheels turning in your head. Let me help you feel free to contact me anytime.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

FREE GROCERIES - how to get by couponing / using coupons

TLC Extreme Couponing = Extreme Donating

Frugal TV - TLC's Extreme Couponer: Questions for Mr.Coupon PART 1

Coupons 101: Grocery Stockpiling for What? How? : Tutorial

Coupon Mom: Make a Profit

Use these tips to save the most money with coupons

Save and Make Money Online with Discount Card and Coupons

How To Make Money Using Coupons

Chicken of the Sea

Chicken of the Sea is awesome...
try writing to companies asking for products and then giving them free promotions all over the net it is a win win for you and the company. Chicken of the sea sent me some great products and we are trying them and sharing the great news with others. One great thing is we love to cook in my family so learning new recipes is always a win win too :)

Fall on your Knees the Savior is Born

I fall on my knees when I think of the awesomeness of Jesus Christ My Personal Savior... He's been rest for my weary soul... O NITE DEVINE ... OH NIGHT WHEN MY JESUS BROKE INTO THIS WORLD TO SAVE ME and whosoever will.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Free Food Coupons

Free Food Coupons <---- great site check it out met the owner of the site today on twitter

2011 coupon schedule to help you plan

2— (2) SmartSource (2) RedPlum and General Mills
9— SmartSource and RedPlum
16 — SmartSource, RedPlum and Proctor & Gamble
23 — SmartSource and RedPlum
30 — SmartSource and RedPlum
6 — SmartSource
13 — No Inserts Scheduled (Valentine’s Day)
20 — SmartSource, General Mills and Procter & Gamble
27 — SmartSource and RedPlum
6— SmartSource, RedPlum and Procter & Gamble
13 — SmartSource and RedPlum
20 — SmartSource and RedPlum
27 — (2) SmartSource, RedPlum and Procter & Gamble
3— No Inserts Scheduled (Easter)
10 — SmartSource and RedPlum
17 — SmartSource and RedPlum
24 — SmartSource and RedPlum
1 — SmartSource, RedPlum and Procter & Gamble
8— SmartSource and RedPlum
15 — (2) SmartSource and RedPlum
22 — SmartSource and RedPlum
29 — No Inserts Scheduled (Memorial Day)
5 — SmartSource, RedPlum and Procter & Gamble
12 — SmartSource
19 — SmartSource and RedPlum
26 — SmartSource and RedPlum
3 — No Inserts Scheduled (Independence Day)
10 — SmartSource and RedPlum
17 — SmartSource
24 — SmartSource and RedPlum
31 — SmartSource, RedPlum and Procter & Gamble
7 — SmartSource and RedPlum
14 — SmartSource and RedPlum
21 — SmartSource and RedPlum
28 — SmartSource, RedPlum and Procter & Gamble
4 — No Inserts Scheduled (Labor Day)
11 — SmartSource and (2) RedPlum
18 — SmartSource and RedPlum
25 — SmartSource and RedPlum
2 — SmartSource, RedPlum and Procter & Gamble
9 — SmartSource and RedPlum
16 — SmartSource and RedPlum
23 — SmartSource and RedPlum
30 — SmartSource and RedPlum
6 — SmartSource, RedPlum and Procter & Gamble
13 — SmartSource and RedPlum
20 — SmartSource and RedPlum
27 — No Inserts Scheduled (Thanksgiving)
4 — SmartSource, RedPlum and Procter & Gamble
11 — SmartSource and RedPlum
18 — No Inserts Scheduled (Christmas)
25 — Procter & Gamble
Sources: SmartSource P&G

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Morning coupon deals

This should make you a happy pup!
Go to Purex. on facebook and get a printable coupon

Get2 free issues of ALL YOU Walmart's magazine loaded with coupons by going to

Go to Ruffles Facebook page for a free bag of Chips!

Bob's Big M in Wolcott New York 
doubles coupons!

Price Chopper in Clay, New York ---- Doubles Coupons!

Free Printable coupon sites...

Learn how to grocery shop read my blog and become a Household CEO 
Coupons are money ... and we aren't embarrassed to use them!

Buy coupons from EBAY?
here is how...
bid your final amount say 1.00 on 500 coupons and don't look at it again so you aren't tempted to 
pay too much.
Trade coupons? Please feel free to comment and exchange information here or join my facebook page
SweetMomCoupon or talk to me on twitter @SweetMomSite and let's all talk to exchange info.
Please subscribe to this blog and get your church and ladies group, retirement home, men's group, homeschoolers learn how to become professional shoppers.

Are you shopping around facebook and my space?
Check out the companies on the social sites it's like one big buffet and then join me on my facebook page if you feel like sharing with other couponers and freebiers... to exchange the "treasures" we find.
This morning on twitter one of the "peeps" alerted us to the Advedo free samples being given away right NOW everyone rushed over and the first 20,000 got free samples...a little unclear but it sounded like they may do it tommorrow too.. This is the reason you will want to social media Couponing so that together we can all share our finds, exchange coupons, and help each other we can do more together than apart. 
On vacation this week hey maybe I will find a few more deals subscribe to my blog and please share it with a friend. 

How to Get Free Flowers Online

I fell in love with the farmer!

Hope this gives you all a great laugh... I suppose I will never grow up and will always be a child at heart. This year I fell in love with the guy that owns the chicken farm ... you will hear me talk of this some while we are talking coupons as I want you to learn lots of ways to save as well.. example I get free eggs because I have chickens! Eggs are almost $3.00 a dozen here. But don't dispair if you can't keep chickens in your apartment, there may be other resources around you. Look around there may be things around you that you can use to help you save money. Sometimes we just don't think about it. Example why buy all those containers when you can use say the old butter containers for say a quick holder for your lunch etc... not that we have to live cheap...I have lived in the lap of luxury, but as I get older it's more of a sport not to waste. You won't come to my house eatting soup out of a butter dish but I may refill my water bottle at the sink and use it all day (too lazy to do dishes...heee heee.) So all that said... have a good laugh and check out my other blog

Monday, December 20, 2010

How To Save Money With Coupons

couponing with purpleroses26

[How to] Coupon Tips from the Coupon Class I attended

7 Secrets of Successful Couponing

Extreme Couponing

Frugal TV - TLC's Extreme Couponer: Questions for Mr.Coupon PART 1

Coupon Shopping Trips by Fab FruGALS

Does Couponing Really Save Money?

Extreme Couponing Video 101

Woman cashed pay checks without working - 11 p.m.

Extreme couponing

One of my Couponing Secrets

Coupon Queen Susan Samtur

Susan Samtur

Coupon Queen Teaches you how to Save

Are you a Coupon Diva?

Coupon Acronyms and Abbreviations - Understanding the Lingo

Coupon Answer$: Walgreens and Filler items tutorial

Video #62: L's REQUEST line OPEN!!

2 Min Tip: How to get More Coupons & Coupon Trading

This weeks deals!: A great blog: Coupon Party

Coupons 101: Myths about Coupons: Save $500 or more

Coupon Secrets: Episode 3 Pt. 3 - Reconstruction

iVillage Live With Susan Samtur, The Grocery Coupon Queen,

Basic Couponing with

Coupon Queen on CNN provides tip for using Grocery Coupons

Where to Find Grocery Coupons: Tip #1

Coupons 101: Know your Coupons!! Part 1

Free $5.00 off Olive Garden Printable Coupon click on link below!

oh my i am a little messy here! But these are the days you want to say ...NOT making dinner today ...going to OLIVE GARDEN!
Click on the link below and go to Olive Garden with $5.00 off !


Sweet Mom Site: FREE TUNA FROM CHICKEN OF THE SEA!: "Doing my searches on the net...and wanted to share this with you! I did it and was floored! follow the mermaid on twitter for Chicken ..."

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I am eatting FREE ice cream from Ben and Jerry's tonite

's Yup enjoying Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream tonight! I wrote to them asking for some coupons to help promote them on the web and they sent me 3 free coupons and 2 for 55cents off... Excellent company and I have a magnet to add to my wall of fame from them. Honestly they have the best Ice cream and my fiance' and son were so excited that while we were christmas shopping we got our freebies and what a great freebie this was. All in exchange for giving them some free publicity. I personally recommend only working with products that you really love to do this with or products you want to try for real. And to give a HONEST review. And with Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream face it when it comes to their products excellence is key . It's all soooooooooooo Good!

Friday, December 17, 2010

How to organize coupons

Coupon Queen Tips - Buy a Cart Full of Groceries for $3.50!

Coupon Queen

"Follow Me Monday" Couponing for Newbies

"Follow Me Monday" Couponing for Newbies

Follow Me Monday Wk2 Part2

CouponCabin Video Coupon of the Week

CouponCabin - Jackie AKA "Lil Coupon" Breaks It Down

Top 5 Sites for Free Grocery Coupons

Where to Find Grocery Coupons: Tip #1


Click on the link below for yours! 

Super savings in new York with coupons and Ben and Jerrys

Actually this was week one and I saved $90 Free Ben and Jerry coupons and 55 cents off and the Soda streamer is being sent to me for me to share with you! follow my other blog

love is a free one for you!

Yoplait is giving away a million cups of yogart...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Grocery Gurus Haul : Nugget Markets, CA

Grocery Gurus Haul : Safeway Sacramento #89

Grocery Haul in Texas

Publix Free Stuff & Haul

GG Coupon Diet Pasta 3.wmv

Grocery Gurus Haul JULY 16 : $17

Walgreens Store Ad Deal 7/18-24

MIA: CVS Walgreens n more

Walgreens Freebie Haul: Go get yours!

Grocery Bloopers

Coupon Secrets: Episode 5 : How to use

CVS September 20th 2010 : Spend $10 Get $80

TARGET How to shop Target : $50 Haul for $15

100th YouTube Video CONTEST :(Closed)

Cindy Crawfords Meaningful Beauty Review

walgreens freebies October 4th

CVS & Walgreens Coupon Haul 10/17 "Get Yours"

100th YouTube Video Contest

Couponing & Stockpiling Holiday Season 2010

Meaningful Beauty update & Glycolic Peels

Unadvertised Deals at PUBLIX

Walgreens November 7-13th Get Your Free Stuff!

Publix Haul November 5th

How 2 Shop ToyzRus : Ship FREE & FREE toys

Kroger $40 Haul Nov 15 Saved 53%

Black Friday Preview @ Walgreens

Got $25 Target Card for $1.08 on Quibids

Walgreens Black Friday Haul

Meaningful Beauty Post Update 12/3

Safeway Deals 12/3 : Feed 4 for $60/wk.

Walgreens Haul 12/6

TARGET How to shop Target : $50 Haul for $15

Coupon Secrets : Episode 3 Pt. 2 - Make Oversized Qpon Sheets

Coupon Secrets: Episode 3 Pt. 1 "Whats in Your Binder?"

Massachusetts family of 6 lives off $4/wk for food

Coupon collating & organize with Coupon Sense.

Penny Pincher

Save money with - Coupons with NO CLIPPING!

Save Money On Groceries - Save Money On Gas

Introduction to Couponing: Getting Started Part 1

How to Save Money on Groceries

How to make money with gift cards at the grocery store

If you want to get more money for GAS! buy all your gift cards and let them all go on to your Advantage card... Ta da.. more points for free Gas... the Gas Station right in front of Wegman's takes the gas card... tell Price Chopper and the Gas Station Ruthie Appleby sent you :)

Holiday 2009: Rice CrispiesTreats costs how much?

Couponing Basics: 6 Steps 2 Stockpiling Why? What? How Much?

Coupons 101: Myths about Coupons: Save $500 or more

Coupons 101 How To: Free Grocery Lists with

Coupons 101: How to Stack Coupons

Coupons 101: Dont Cut Your Coupons!: Part 1 (Grocery Binder)

Coupon Secrets: Episode 1- "You Only Cut Once" Tutorial

Grocery Gurus Haul : Safeway Sacramento #89

How to Use Walmarts "All You" Coupons

Walgreens Haul 12/6

People bring binders to the store

Introduction to Couponing: Getting Started Part 3

Introduction to Couponing: Getting Started Part 2

Introduction to Couponing: Getting Started Part 3

Introduction to Couponing: Couponing at Kroger

Coupon Organization Ideas Part 1

'Krazy Coupon Lady' Shows How To Get Savings

Grocery Savings: Are Coupons Worth My Time? (Part 1)

MUST READ! This article will change you forever!

okay.... been working like a dog ... learning about all this coupon stuff...and here are my thoughts...

Is it worth it ! YES! But do your homework! These are just my opinions and suggestions from what I have learned so far. Do  it like a job. Relentlessly market yourself and get your name everywhere just like a sales job. Let everyone know YOU (I AM.. looking for people to give me there current coupons they don't want), Make a deal with your newspaper man if he is allowed, or distributor, etc..

These things have to be done or it won't work for you...

Purchase 6-10 papers or scarf them from others
Follow the sales ads
It is all about stockpiling and pulling the deals at the store together with the deals from the manufacters.
Be militant about it and work it like a job.
It's all about Stockpiling and saving...example you see that Store A has a sale on the brand of fabric softner you use you have 10 coupons you group them with the store coupon and get it for free or nearly free.
You have to have a place to STORE all this stuff and don't give it away because you have a lot but use it up until the next time you find a good deal and then after a few years you will probably know when the sales cycles are...which sound like every 6 weeks.

Always go with the best deal...if generic is cheaper ...don't buy with a coupon.
Don't be a jerk.. don't make your kids suffer by doing ODD stuff
But use this as a positive tool to save THOUSANDS of dollars on your groceries.
It is JUST LIKE A BUSINESS...only your MONEY IS COUPONS trade with others and work them.
and be a good steward of them.
Only buy things your family will really use.
Cut all 10 papers at once by uncollating the flyers and cutting 10 pages at once and paper clips the coupons together to file.
Network with other Professional Coupon Experts
Earn additional income by charging approx. $25 a head at seminars etc.. for the information you have worked hard to gather to help other shoppers, by speaking at church groups, etc..

Write a book...
Bottomline this is a business , relentlessly market yourself get  a car sign, business cards, and your money is COUPONS!
Keep growing and ask manufactors to work with you give you free stuff and coupons.
You will get out of this what you put into this.. If you work 8 hours a day on it, It is like going up a mountain at first it will be slow especially as you are learning and making mistakes but then after awhile like the tipping point once you reach the top you can't help but roll down ...everyone will be giving you coupons, stores will give you overflow of products, they can't sell, manufactors will look for you etc...

Build big or build little...but this is a View of Couponing that can change your life and family ...Just a different way of shopping and looking at money.  Or are a manufacuter or business and want to donate samples for me to blog about or hand out please contact me.

If you want to exchange coupons with me or would like me to speak to your church group, or ladies group please phone me at 1-315-439-7027 or email me at

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Types Of Manufacturers' Coupons (HD)

Saving For The Holidays with America's Cheapest Family

How To Clip Coupons FAST!

How To Inventory Your Stockpile

My Organization and Stockpile of Grocery Items

Learning How To Be A Couponista!

Stock Piling 101


WITN - Grocery Shopping Secrets Part 1

Bargain Hunter on Today Show


The Coupon Mom's Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bill In Half, Stephanie N...

Couponing at CVS with Katy.m4v

Money Saving Tip: Where To Find Coupons

Introduction to Couponing: Getting Started Part 1

Introduction to Couponing: Getting Started Part 3

Top 6 Ways To Start Coupon Shopping

The Coupon Mama's

'Krazy Coupon Lady' On Coupon Pride

'Krazy Coupon Lady' Shows How To Get Savings

How to Navigate Coupon Mom

Coupon Mom Stephanie Nelson - Online Coupons

Coupon Mom & Oprah show you how to save

Coupons 101 How To: Free Grocery Lists with

Who wants to swap coupons? Coupon Exchange!

Looking for people that want to exchange coupons! Just comment in the comment section or email me at if you would like to trade with me and write Coupon Swap in the subject line. 
I have :
Baby items, 
super cut hair coupons,
Let's talk details on the email.. and feel free to leave your name and contact info in the comments if you would like to take part in swapping coupons with others .

coupon money is real money.

What is the difference if you use real money or coupon money to purchase your groceries?I am finding if you are a mom at home studying the art of using coupons should pay off big especially in today's world of blogs and you tubes... there are so many ways that this can pay off for you.. not only in grocery money but in suppliers targeting you to send free items and coupons to help you to train others... the sky is the limit.. I suggest reading this entire blog and taking part in the activities and to start your own blogs, you tubes and partner with the rest of us who are clipping coupons, doing freebies, taking part in twitter parties and mom blogs, etc... and social media. Have fun and please network with me. Subscribe to this blog... Hey learning the art of couponing to be a true professional you have to do your homework!

Follow me on twitter
ps my dog is now on twitter @MisterSnorkles follow him too!

Woman Says She Gets Free Groceries

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crochet ZigZag Afghan

I love crocheting .... check out my blog

Walgreens 101 Updated

Where To Find Coupons

Stockpiling With The Coupon Queen

Coupon Exchange!

Hi all -
If you would like to exchange coupons with me please email me at and write coupon exchange in the subjectline. Also please feel free to leave your info in the comments for other readers of my blog to exchange coupons with you. This is a interactive blog :)

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