Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chicken Plucking Coupon Girl?

Well, I have been spending the day sorting Coupons and looking at Chicken pluckers. We decided that for us we are going to build one as we found a great site online to do this and since Mr. Clay is so handy he is going to make one much better than we would ever purchase. Part of my wise Luxury Living on the coupons stock market... is to do things that will just help add to the wealth of our home. We raise our own chickens and right now they are laying about 6 eggs a day. Which is great since eggs are running around $3 a doz. My chickens also lay JUMBO eggs. We do plan on making some LUNCH thus the chicken plucker. Probably about 10 birds. We love the Organic Chicken. Turkeys... well at 29 cents a lb we just can't seem to raise them.

I am selling my time to clip coupons on ebay and purchasing other people's time figured... I would check out how that went for all the coupon clipping... also ... I checked out the site and I am enjoying watching Mr. Nathan.
I also found that ... Halls has 1.00 coupon this week and Walgreens has them on sales for 1.00 ching ching.

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