Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vote For Jolene! 2011 Tasty Award Best Comedy Series Nominee! HELP!

Some of you know that I have many fun adventures in my life as I always say The World is my playground. Jolene is my new friend...this is how I found her ...On my little surf board around You TUBE as I am going to cooking class ... I ran into Jolene Sugarbaker's You Tubes. I fell in love she is awesome! The voting is over and I haven't heard the results but I surely do want you all to friend Jolene on twitter @JolenesTrailerPark follow Jolene SugarBaker on youtube and tell all your friends how much fun you are having watching her. She is great and I love her she is bringing joy to many people on the internet. Please share her site and friend her. Please tell Jolene, Ruthie Appleby sent you.

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