Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Come network with me and EXCHANGE COUPONS FOR FREE!

okay...been having a ball working on my project of becoming a extreme couponer... I am writing to other couponers hoping they will network with me so I can share more with everyone here and I also am writing to companies today ...asking for freebies and items to give them some FREE PR after all if you give them what they want they will give you what you want right? We can all do more together than apart in this great big world of couponing! Here is a sample of the letter I am sending today in case any of you want to become a EXTREME COUPONER and remember COUPONS ARE MONEY

I do product reviews and would love to do a review on your company for my followers I have 11,000 followers on twitter @R47R and over 3,000 followers on Facebook Ruthie Junior Yingst Appleby and write several blogs http://www.RuthieLive.blogspot.com 100 followers. I am a very active in social media and am everywhere topix, myspace, ning, twittermoms,youtube, etc. I reach about 2 million people.I just started a new project where I am teaching Americans to grocery shop along with my product reviews I have been doing.  My plan is to promote your company all over the net as I believe my followers will really enjoy this. It is cheap advertising for you as I do this for free for my followers. What I need from you is a product(s) and/or some special coupons and logo materials pens, magnets, if you have them for this purpose to share with my students and the internet in social media.  Please mail items to Ruthie Appleby 13642 State Route 370 Red Creek New York 13143 phone 315-439-7027 email SweetMomSite@gmail.com
Thank you

Okay now for the best deal of the day... I am doing all this research as I am now a Extreme Couponer and did some selling and buying of coupons on line and said hey... Let's try this...  very simple..

If you want to exchange coupons just mail me at

Ruthie Appleby
FREE Coupon Exchange
13642 State Route 370
Red Creek, New York  13143

Any coupons you are not using...ONLY MANUFACTER"S COUPONS  NOT EXPIRED and I will mail you back coupon for coupons ... Send a self addressed envelope or no coupons will be sent as I am donating my time for free.

If you are a Extreme Couponer please network with me... Let's do a video ...Let me introduce you to my friends
If you are a company and want me to do a product review or a artist, etc.. send a album, send something so I can work with it to help you get your name out as well.
Have a blessed day all.
please share this blog with 3 people it's a wonderful way to help your friends.

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