Sunday, January 16, 2011

CHING CHING>>>Big LOTS get 20 % off..

didnt know this but if you apply for a Big Lots cards...after so many deals they give you 20% off.. also... if you apply online and then go to the store to pick up card you get to see all the deals.. Now that is a big-a -lotta fun! 
Now guys...I am becoming a extreme couponer...I really am into this EXTREME NETWORKING WHICH BIRTHED ME INTO EXTREME COUPONING...well, not really the Lord told me COUPONS ARE MONEY... so anyway.. I just can't help it...I am a born salesperson and networker everyone is my friend so I am just talking about this couponing stuff all over the net and making friends in the bargain...sooo...

if you want to start a FREE social network go to they will ask you to cough up some money for awhile but hey you may love owning one?

free website... of course go to 

Keeping my eyes open for freebies...and great deals for you all please help a buddy and share this blog with them

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