Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hi everyone...What is in store for YOU!

Well, I really feel I have found my nitch here in the Couponing world and just love it the sales are unbelieveable. Use this as a training site and also for your own personal adventure in becoming a Extreme Couponer. One nice thing about blogging is you can do it your way and I want my followers and friends to be well informed of everything going on...some info will be useful other things you may want to chuck
Some of you will want to just clip a few coupons others of you will want to make a career teach classes, write books, others may ride couponing for a season as a way to network and learn a new skill for those of you who are into social networking as I am so take the information and use what you need...

First of all in the news on the internet...

as many couponers use the internet...
Your coupon time is being sold on ebay ... coupon time is running from 1- $15 for 100 coupons. It is well worth it to purchase coupons as you can purchase some and it actually pays more than the Sunday Papers if you sell 100. Here are a few ideas for you who want to stay home for this..
Some may just want to gather a bunch of coupons, dumpster dive, go to your local recycler , and ask for old coupons.. you can clip all day and sell your time on ebay.
others may just want to find a cheaper way to get coupons.
Some may want to play like a coupon train with this to get coupons from all over the country. Take what you need and put the rest back on ebay. And if you keep playing with this you can say sock 20 bucks or more into it and just keep switching things around. 

Just ideas not sure if they will work try at your own risk..

Some of you may be riding the coupon train to network with other couponers ... I am always interviewing everyone across the net... so take the time to MEET other couponers and share ideas. We can do more together than apart. I would love to meet everyone who is couponing please no matter if you are a mom or have a full scale show with books etc. contact me  would love to network with you.

If you are blogging found this site to help you all AFFLIATE 

Another way to help you earn some cash...take all the affliate programs in coupons. 

Yesterday I signed up for not getting paid to say this or anything but you get 4 weeks for free so if you go there please tell them Ruthie Appleby sent you. Let me know your experience always feel free to comment in the comments here :) 

Spent almost the last 2 days coupon clipping ... WhY? because I didn't do my coupons right... I put all of them down page by page instead of opening up 5 flyers and putting them together and cutting only once. example 5 page flyer... separate them putting matching sheets together and then clip the coupon once and paper clip them together... Needless to say ... WHAT A MESS!

I noticed on ebay they had coupon binders for sale. Many people use baseball card holders. 
I have been listening intensly to the KRAZY COUPON LADY her link is the coupons above there . Check out her site and tell her Ruthie Appleby sent you.
Please subscribe to my blog and share this with your friends. Let's get america saving coupons in 2011! 

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