Monday, December 13, 2010

MUST READ! This article will change you forever!

okay.... been working like a dog ... learning about all this coupon stuff...and here are my thoughts...

Is it worth it ! YES! But do your homework! These are just my opinions and suggestions from what I have learned so far. Do  it like a job. Relentlessly market yourself and get your name everywhere just like a sales job. Let everyone know YOU (I AM.. looking for people to give me there current coupons they don't want), Make a deal with your newspaper man if he is allowed, or distributor, etc..

These things have to be done or it won't work for you...

Purchase 6-10 papers or scarf them from others
Follow the sales ads
It is all about stockpiling and pulling the deals at the store together with the deals from the manufacters.
Be militant about it and work it like a job.
It's all about Stockpiling and saving...example you see that Store A has a sale on the brand of fabric softner you use you have 10 coupons you group them with the store coupon and get it for free or nearly free.
You have to have a place to STORE all this stuff and don't give it away because you have a lot but use it up until the next time you find a good deal and then after a few years you will probably know when the sales cycles are...which sound like every 6 weeks.

Always go with the best deal...if generic is cheaper ...don't buy with a coupon.
Don't be a jerk.. don't make your kids suffer by doing ODD stuff
But use this as a positive tool to save THOUSANDS of dollars on your groceries.
It is JUST LIKE A BUSINESS...only your MONEY IS COUPONS trade with others and work them.
and be a good steward of them.
Only buy things your family will really use.
Cut all 10 papers at once by uncollating the flyers and cutting 10 pages at once and paper clips the coupons together to file.
Network with other Professional Coupon Experts
Earn additional income by charging approx. $25 a head at seminars etc.. for the information you have worked hard to gather to help other shoppers, by speaking at church groups, etc..

Write a book...
Bottomline this is a business , relentlessly market yourself get  a car sign, business cards, and your money is COUPONS!
Keep growing and ask manufactors to work with you give you free stuff and coupons.
You will get out of this what you put into this.. If you work 8 hours a day on it, It is like going up a mountain at first it will be slow especially as you are learning and making mistakes but then after awhile like the tipping point once you reach the top you can't help but roll down ...everyone will be giving you coupons, stores will give you overflow of products, they can't sell, manufactors will look for you etc...

Build big or build little...but this is a View of Couponing that can change your life and family ...Just a different way of shopping and looking at money.  Or are a manufacuter or business and want to donate samples for me to blog about or hand out please contact me.

If you want to exchange coupons with me or would like me to speak to your church group, or ladies group please phone me at 1-315-439-7027 or email me at

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