Monday, December 27, 2010


okay... here are today's tips...
I strongly suggest if you are serious about couponing to go through this entire blog as well as my blot , Now I am just getting started and anyone that knows me well knows that more than likely I will have mastered this art of couponing and becoming the CEO of my household by the end of this keep listening and let me do the research you just follow the blog and read and get your friends to are gonna get addicted. this coupon stuff...once you realize it is free money... okay...
What is better than the dollar store ... FREE

Free from Dove... go to
Free training...yup, right here and get your ladies and church girls involved...
Make money? selling YOUR OLD COUPONS ON have to check on the details but I know people are selling on ebay because you can example get 500 coupons for 1.00 cheaper than theSunday News paper

OKay... more helps go to facebook and follow me SweetMomCoupon  read my profile and hook up with the other couponers, freebies, and rebate people.

Printable coupons...YES THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! Take your grocery list and go to each product and get a free printable coupon many companies are doing it!

Why not invite these coupon diva's to talk on your facebook or twitter stream with you... Have a online party and invite all your friends to talk to them example say a monday nite at 9 pm est ... (INVITE ME...or ask me what I know...I will share! )

go to type in say soup... all soup companies come up ...look to see who is giving out free online coupons!

Get Americans couponing.. go to the ladies groups, networking groups, etc.. ask them to  come to my site or make a site of your own you can get a free blog on blogger put your contact info here and let everyone follow your blog...we can all do more together than apart.

Contact the local businesses and tell them you are teaching a coupon class and ask them for coupons for their businesses...Teach the people in your area to coupon.

Get some business cards made and say HEY I WILL EXCHANGE COUPONS (OR GIVE ME FREE MONEY ... YOUR COUPONS PLEASE>>> send them to me...I will take free money ...haaa for real no Haa about it.. so I hope this gets those wheels turning in your head. Let me help you feel free to contact me anytime.

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