Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I fell in love with the farmer!

Hope this gives you all a great laugh... I suppose I will never grow up and will always be a child at heart. This year I fell in love with the guy that owns the chicken farm ... you will hear me talk of this some while we are talking coupons as I want you to learn lots of ways to save as well.. example I get free eggs because I have chickens! Eggs are almost $3.00 a dozen here. But don't dispair if you can't keep chickens in your apartment, there may be other resources around you. Look around there may be things around you that you can use to help you save money. Sometimes we just don't think about it. Example why buy all those containers when you can use say the old butter containers for say a quick holder for your lunch etc... not that we have to live cheap...I have lived in the lap of luxury, but as I get older it's more of a sport not to waste. You won't come to my house eatting soup out of a butter dish but I may refill my water bottle at the sink and use it all day (too lazy to do dishes...heee heee.) So all that said... have a good laugh and check out my other blog http://www.FarmingForaHobby.blogspot.com

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