Saturday, December 18, 2010

I am eatting FREE ice cream from Ben and Jerry's tonite

's Yup enjoying Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream tonight! I wrote to them asking for some coupons to help promote them on the web and they sent me 3 free coupons and 2 for 55cents off... Excellent company and I have a magnet to add to my wall of fame from them. Honestly they have the best Ice cream and my fiance' and son were so excited that while we were christmas shopping we got our freebies and what a great freebie this was. All in exchange for giving them some free publicity. I personally recommend only working with products that you really love to do this with or products you want to try for real. And to give a HONEST review. And with Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream face it when it comes to their products excellence is key . It's all soooooooooooo Good!

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