Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hi everyone!

Going into my 2nd week of couponing and it is so close to the New Year that I figure I will just start to calculate my savings from Jan 1st- Jan 1st.

Here are some helps for all of you newbies and old pros at extreme couponing..

Learning who everyone is out there in the world of couponing so please drop me a line or a note in the comments and take the time to go through this entire blog and bear with me as I learn more and more about all this couponing.

a site you can check out ----> a savydollar.org

Stockpile first and then coupon. that is my thought as otherwise we tend to want to just buy buy buy because the couponing seems so exciting!

I noticed on the front of the Henry Fields catalog that just came in today that you get $25 off if you spend $25 so if you are a into growing stuff this is a great deal! Thank you http://www.henryfields.com/ please tell them Ruthie Appleby sent you... not getting any commissions just like to wave a hand and say hello :)

Weight Watchers! Got in the mail today a flyer for their Point Plus system and a free to join coupon.. so all of us who are trying to take a few pounds off may want to check this one out. I have worked for Weight Watchers in payroll before when I was in my early 20's and I know there system works. Go to http://www.weightwatchers.com/

Some of the best deals I have seen of late are in the Dollar General and Family Dollar here in Wolccott, New York it's about stockpiling so we may find a great coupon for say $1.00 off Jergen's hand soap... but I know I can get it for a $1.00 at the DollarTree in Clay, New York everyday of the week so remember it's about that bottomline figure always.

I am thinking about going to Bob's Big M Grocery Store in Wolcott, I found with the Big M's some are more like convenience stores and some are really decked out.. This one doubles my coupons so I am going there up to $1.00 may I add. The Price Chopper in Clay, New York also doubles your coupons and they have a advantage card that you can use for gas off... as well as say you can purchase gift cards that will come off your gas too.. double check just in case. I know that the gas station in front of Wegman's takes the gas card for the Price Chopper in Clay, New York.

The Big M in Seneca Knolls has coupon books too Big M Syracuse, New york off of route 48 in the front that are from manufacters for anyone that is in that area as well ... If you are a crystal light drinker.. I believe the coupon is 1.00 off for two.

Check out ebay... people are selling coupons ... sometimes it is cheaper than local paper. say you buy 500 coupons for a buck with free shipping.

And of course ...all the after christmas deals if this is your first year living luxurious... and not being a "FULL PRICE LOSER" BUYER... just kidding...just a little rap I heard this week... buy all the extra stuff you will need for next year's christmas. Take advantage next year and live in the Coupon Stock Market with the rest of us rich couponers living on Monopoly money of coupons...knowing heee...heee. that coupons are money...just all different colors and people are willing to give them to you.. and throw away their money to the curb every week ...while sneaky couponers sneak out in the night gathering all those old recycables..hmmm..heard that this week too.. Don't worry I won't be in your dumpsters..but hey what if your neighborhood threw away $50 bills all day... you can at least knock and say...can I have your old paper?
Anyway... live Luxurious in the new year in your new Monopoly (coupon money)

share this blog with everyone you know who could use a buck...and not from a goat but ...that needs to get outta debt or just wants to not give all their money away.

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